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BF Tecidos e Papéis de Parede takes pride in representing brands whose production focuses on "luxury craftsmanship" and feature a unique process of artistic creativity. 


Marcel Boussac has remained legendary for his intuitive and creative genius. The son of a clothing manufacturer, he showed exceptional commercial vision, establishing his eponymous brand in 1934. An essential figure of the French entrepreneurial landscape, he was an icon of the textile industry in the 1950s and truly revolutionized French fabric. Expertise, innovation and anticipation of the market made up his triple winning formula. Extremely meticulous, Marcel Boussac refused to compromise on quality and constantly invested in high-performance equipment. With an exacting technique and new patterns for a younger clientele, he had exceptional success right up to the 1960s.

Both experimental and contemporary, Boussac's latest collections highlight new materials, as well as an innovative approach to stylish decoration. Stretch virgin wools, 3D printing, jacquards with subtle mixes of various fibers, quilted materials and sophisticated plain fabrics with refined textural effects are brand basics. Boussac pushes back the limits of textile creation while keeping in mind comfort, quality of execution and ease of use.

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"This is a Braquenié," say the experts. A short sentence that says a lot about the prestige of this name. This historic house, founded in 1824, embodies the very spirit of French classicism.

Braquenié, known for its Indian fabrics, cottons, toiles de Jouy, carpets and one-of-a-kind mats with hand-knotted strands, has always been wherever 'art de vivre' reigns: the Louvre, Chambord, the Vatican, all the courts of Europe under Napoléon III, Victor Hugo's home... and today as well in many charming hotels and plush private residences.

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Founded in 1976, Dedar is a family-run fabric house that expresses a personal style with its cutting-edge contemporary collections.  Located close to Como, in the heart of a manufacturing district, Dedar experiments and innovates to attain product perfection through an ongoing dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics.

Characterized by seductive colour palettes and unexpected patterns, Dedar's fabrics combine precious yarns with research into fiber technology to offer various solutions for curtains, upholstery and wall covering of timeless elegance. 

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Fascinated by the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun, the blue sea and sky, Patrice Marraud des Grottes is also fascinated by words. Each season he names the products of his collections himself, in a way that anyone who browses a collection feels like setting off on a poetic journey. The words "Author" and "Editor" which sign the creations take on their full meaning.

Since 1988, the company continues searching relentlessly for new materials and textures and inventing an emotional, visual and tactile language. Present in over 100 countries Elitis´ fabrics, wallpapers and wallcoverings travel through private residences, hotels and restaurants.

Their in-house design department traces the lines of research, diversity and innovative mixtures. This dynamic and passionate team ensures Elitis´ modern and innovative personality. Their proposals are always surprising and create an event at every international exhibition.

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Fadini Borghi

This Italian jewel, born in 1947, looks out from a Florentine palace, from opera dressing rooms, or from the stage of a theatre. Fadini Borghi is to silk what Braquenié is to cottons.

This house, inspired by fabrics brought back from the Orient by explorers during the Renaissance, now offers silk in all its forms: voided velvet, taffetas, damask, lampas and brocades illustrated by Italian classicism (from the 16th to 19th centuries), Art Deco or very contemporary patterns, where metal is mixed with silk.

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Giardini Wallcoverings

Giardini Wallcoverings is an Italian manufacturer of textile wallcoverings founded in 2000 as a new division of Giardini Ltd.

Thanks to its wide selection of precious fabrics, with noble natural fibers produced using the latest technology, Giardini Wallcoverings develops high-end luxury products, 100% made in Italy.

Today, Giardini Wallcoverings prides itself on being a leading manufacturer of jacquard wallcoverings textiles. Thanks to its highly-skilled staff and young management, Giardini Wallcoverings has succeeded in creating innovative products, always with an eye on textiles and technologies developed in the interior design and fashion industries, thus creating satin silk and velvet for walls.

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Loyal to the Hermès spirit, the Maison Universe collection is resolutely rooted in tradition. The first objects designed for customers´ interiors go back to the second half of the 1920´s: small blankets, office accessories, decorative objects, picnic trunk and outdoor leisure activity equipment.


Hermès fabrics and wallpapers are an intriguing invitation to explore a thousand and one different tales in a world where materials and savoir-faire go hand in hand. Artists and craftsmen work together, the hand and eye become one, and the gaze guides the technique to create collections whose harmonies complement and interact with one another, like a self-evident truth.

Le Manach

The Maison Le Manach founded in 1829 is one of the last French Maisons that can reproduce thanks to its know-how silks and velvets on blackstrap looms.


From classicism to contemporary decoration, this Maison is always looking forward. And thanks to the Toiles and Nacrés de Tours concept, limitless possibilities are offered to clients. Those exceptional fabrics can be customized ad infinitum with a large variety of colours and designs.


In 2006, Le Manach was one of the first companies to receive the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", an State honour that underlines French companies.


Le Manach furnishes historical monuments all around the world, for instance they reweaved the green damask in the music saloon in the Compiègne castle, reweaved as well the lampas in the King of Rome's boudoir, the brocatelle in the King's bedroom in Vaux le Vicomte etc.

Pierre Frey

Pierre Frey is a French maison de luxe founded in 1935, with a proud tradition and an eye towards the future. It designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition, from patterns with motifs that range from Imperial China to 18th century France, even contemporary Africa.

Since 2003, over 30,000 documents (designs, fabrics, and carpet samples) dating from the 16th century through to present day have been amassed in Paris where they can be searched by period, color, motif and technique. It is an extraordinary resource that presents designs from the company's four brands along with a selection of rare pieces acquired at auctions, from antique dealers, and from private collections. This unique heritage makes Pierre Frey a valued point of contact for leading museums across the globe.

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