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10 Set 17 I Millefeuilles Restaurant - Pierre Frey fabrics and wallpaper

The luxurious restaurant Le Mille Feuilles recently opened in France was decorated by the renowned French interior designer Claude Cartier using many fabrics and wallpapers from La Maison Pierre Frey.‎


With a bold décor, the restaurant gets attention due to the marble effect wallpaper, developed by the designer Mathias Kiss for Pierre Frey, in addition to the foliage printed wallpaper, which is one of the Maison?‎s classics.‎


Warm color fabrics were displayed on the furniture and also on the curtains, making a counterpoint with other colors and materials used on the ambiance.‎ The result is an atmosphere with an extreme contemporary French style.‎

10 Ago 17 I Outdoor fabrics from Pierre Frey

We have just received the brand new outdoor fabric collection from Pierre Frey, compounded by 8 fabrics that match perfectly amongst them.

Many new colors were used in this collection, all in light tones, assuring an calm and cozy atmosphere for the house external area. The weaves are very important and they are produced with a diversity of colored treads mixed in order to give depth to the fabrics. The collection is complemented with small geometric and discreet patterns, and also plains to compose it.

The fabrics are manufactured at the Pierre Frey mills in the north of France and they are elaborated with acrylic yarns, which provide a special touch, and also are ideal for external areas due to its durability and resistance to both weather and sun light.