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28 Mar 19 I Braquenié

Created in 1824, Braquenié, renowned for its printed cottons, silks and hand-woven rugs, boasts many historical treasures, including textile documents dating back several centuries, carpet samples and watercolor drawings.‎ These carefully preserved documents reveal a fascinating world in which expertise and elegance are a guarantee of taste.‎


The new Braquenié fabric collection, Comptoir D'Orient, is an ode to exoticism, a major theme in 18th century decorative arts.‎ This collection is based in the house´s historical documents.‎ Exotic flowers, pineapples and chinoiseries embody this attraction for the rest of the world, which began in the 16th century with imports from the Ottoman Empire, India, Persia and China.‎ The bold combination of silks, prints, embroideries and epingle velvets in powdery but also powerful colors contrast with the traditional 18th century pastel tones we have been accustomed to.‎ By playing with scale, color and pattern, Braquenié exposes the timelessness of its heritage while giving it a new impetus.‎ This redefining of the Age of Enlightenment will equally reassure purists and undoubtedly seduce younger generations.‎

10 Nov 17 I Lacca

Dedar´s latest wallpaper collection, called Lacca, is inspired by the 17th century Chinese Coromandel screens. These famous folding screens coated in black lacquer with large colored incised designs, sometimes with mother of pearl inlays, were traditionally used to decorate rooms.

One of the collection prints is Silkbird that is a contemporary interpretation of an archive drawing on a solid colour background with cool tones in the foreground. Like in traditional Coromandel screens the gold is highlighted by the dark background recalling the time-honoured gold leaf technique.

The colour options are influenced by shades typical of oriental lacquers, porcelain and precious metals.