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30 Set 17 I Collection India Mahdavi for Pierre Frey

India Mahdavi, known as The Queen of Color, launched her first velvet collection for Pierre Frey: TRUE VELVET.‎

The designer who has several projects such as Red Valentino stores both in Rome and in London, the Ladurée in Geneva and in Los Angeles, besides many other restaurants and international hotels, said about the collection: ?‎Velvet is one of the few fabrics that is sensual to the touch and visually holds color in a way that is bright yet deep.‎ With this collection, the velvet takes on a dimension that is enveloping and joyous?‎.‎

The collection is compound by plain velvet in three weights with different yarn qualities, besides two geometric patterns of diamonds mixed with stripes, all printed on a velvet base.‎ This is a game of infinite matches with a range of nearly 80 possible shades, from subtle to saturated, all lustrous and bright.‎

25 Set 17 I New Boussac Collection - Cartoon

The new Boussac collection called Cartoon has just arrived to our showroom. Launched in September of 2017, the collection has the aesthetic of the 80?s as an inspiration. Using unusual materials, like laminated and neon, added to washed linen as well as embroidered fabrics, wool and multicolored jacquards.

The innovative collection is able to challenge the conventions with humor.  Its main patterns are large scaled geometrics and designs with optical effect.

It has a spontaneous bright color pallet, mainly inspired on the Pop art colors and also in the colors of the Memphis Group movement in the 80?s.